Annual Development Ponce-around 2008-9

In the land of Vang, the wazir made a budget
it was full of numbers, and various widgets.
Large amounts were committed to good causes
to be prosecuted by officers and political orphans.

The budget was small, but thats no matter.
Its June, and you cant build for the water.
The determining factor, and this is the key
is to implement governance unfoolishly.

The officers mess, was a complex arena
vested interests galore, little hope for enema.
But honestly one must feel sad for ECNEC*
no paradigm to translate, just technocratic rednecks.

With politicals in jail, the officers roam free,
they're clever but designed for coloniality.
Politicians were thick, unable to guide
region and faction and interest denied...

Nobody even seemed to have any answer
"democracy-election" was the principle mantra
No vision cohered, no gandalf stood up
Perhaps what was needed was a kick up the butt

Meanwhile in the court of the Imperial master
Mandarins planned a conference for the pending disaster
they invited the Press Lord, his minions and a General
the programme i tell you, it looks rather terrible.

The story goes on and with each passing day,
more people are born and more people pray,
for openings to be taken by the salehin**
not rentboys who dwell in the doomed mezzanine

*ECNEC makes decisions on interesting big funding projects.


Raza Rumi said...

This is so good - most impressive. It applies in full measure to Pakistan. I am glad to have foudn your excellent blog..

I have been travelling to Dhaka for work and I am extremely fond of the place.

Please do read a piece that I wrote here:


Aplogies for the garbled text - my blog-site is under maintenance

fug said...

bro, feel free to chime in with your own lyrics. lets make a socio-political qawwali out of this baby