An interview with Dr Kamal

As much as the dude infuriates me, he does carry himself with grace on the few time i have been with him.

Probe News Magazine feature his interview this week. They have in the past done similar features with Maulana Nizami and Tareq Rahman (cant find link but it does exist). They ask peculiar questions, which im all for, but do sometimes blow smoke up people's arses.

my favourite bit.

Question: You say that the law is equal for all. Hasina has been released; perhaps Khaleda will be too. So demands now may be made for the release of all those who have been detained by the government on corruption charges. Or are things different for Hasina and Khaleda?

Answer: That is a question. Perhaps then it will have to be said that there has been an outbreak of a serious disease in all the jails and there is no treatment for this disease anywhere in the country.

I do wonder what going on in the Jails of Bangladesh..istighfar perchance?

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