General Lack-of-Vision

I wonder who is wearing the pants in bangladesh. The international community still supports the caretaker arrangement, but the critical imprint on the caretaker's head I feel is from the NGO and daily star group. These have been empowered into incompetence by the populations stupidity and development dollars. They are a function of "Liberation Misogyny".

The only cool thing about having military punctuation is that some interesting work can be pushed through, with longer vision that the usual forces of moronarchy. Only, I'm getting wishy washy vibes of the general. Its good that he has a dialogical habit, but i think he is getting taken advantage of. A strong person would not have ceased vocalising about different forms of democracy. He shut up as soon as the development whore uncivilised society kicked up a fuss at his political imaginings.

Thing is, with the AL-Jamat-BNP triad as retarded as ever, new voices are much needed. Too many people are stuck in the same rut repeating platitudes.

In post 47 history, several prominent figures have worked with military types.  Allowing themselves to be interacting instruments with the power holder. Its not haram, even in buddhijibi madhab. Akhtar Hameed Khan (Development) and Fazlur Rahman (Islamic Modernism) tried their bit in the time of Ayub Khan. Our Zia brought a lot of talents to the problems at hand, while several other scholars tried their bit in the time of Ershad. 

I still remember a lot of talented people in roles they deserved, placed there by the CTG. Power to them. We have them to thank, in part, for the low death count during the cyclone and improvements in the university sector.

Power coupling to talent is key here and has been too low in the Bangladesh Era. Military punctuation temporarily alters this coupling. But for better or worse? This time i worry that donor trained actors who only know buzzwords and danda are in the ascendancy. 

There is no political imagination on show. This cannot be expected from political parties/cults. Come on General Saab, we want to hear... or maybe you should just move aside.

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