Ummahtic Mediation:

Just a heads up on some hopeful activity from Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade. Senegal is presently chair of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference.. basically the family Muslim nation states). He has made efforts to reconcile Ivory Coast, and more recently Hamas and Fatah in Palestine. He is trying to do something about President Mugabe and Opposition leader Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe.

Check out this cunning piece of damage created by the Voice of America. The coded message is, that leaders of the global south should not engage in international relations... they must focus on their 'poor' problems, 'democracy' at home and leave the hegemon to sculpt the world in its own image, to its own taste and benefit. President Wade's negotiating power has got his own country benefit. The Voice of America would rather its listeners didnt know of course.

Screw that I say, as chair of the OIC he has MY authority. It should always be understood that there will be powerful, almost irrestistable forces constantly discrediting the development of this reconcilability faculty in our societies. We should stick to 'woman empowerment' and university courses in 'conflict resolution'. We should stay in the periphery.

Bollocks. You can only develop mojo by having a go. In the 1980s Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iran tried to mediate between Iran and Iraq, at the OIC's behest. At what point does the fact that Ershad wasnt a democrat even become an issue? That goal was one to strive for, its failure is something to lament and problemmatize.... not ridicule. Unless you subscribe to No-Such-Thing-As-Ummah theory, or just honestly want to keep the Muslims disintegrated.

Anyway, Zimbabwe's got even worse recently with opposition people being killed, even their wives. Desperate oppositions make desperate alliance in desperate times, which consequently make their state tyrants go even more ape at them. Its a feedback cycle of Satanism. Could this situation have been avoided? Did Presdient Mugabe ever dream that a bodged up land reform would end with this? Can it be 'saved'?

Tsvangarai went the Britain for support, the old imperial arse. Ironic really given that Sir Robert Mugabe was given a knighthood in the 1990s. This 'fleeing into the arms of your old enemy' stuff only makes sense in desperation. Its like some of the Shia or Kurds of Iraq wanting US invasion to topple Saddam. In my view it is also like the successionist movement that created Bangladesh, going to India for support. 

Such options bring about a lot of death and/or the political reality that is aimed for. They need not be the only options. This practical logic of nationalism which turns one into a traitor and needs to be buggered up, big time. Once these moves are made, although some may feel temporary success... the vampire never leaves and their biting and bloodsucking affects you at the most fundamental level. Look at how Americanised Kuwait has become. This argument is hard to hear when you are getting your head kicked in, but its the inescapable truth.

South-to-South mediation is key for the future I feel. Its fate rests on the nurturement of statescraft in the south. But who does it need in this case? South African leadership is too in awe of Sir Mugger's war hero kudos. Nigeria could step up to the plate., the African union? the Non Aligned Movement?... any number of actors could make themselves useful. However its only a certain kind of crazy who would take a chance on such a high risk adventure.

For sure the candidate needs to have kudos in the view of Sir Muggers and the opposition. It really appears like Sir Muggers has lost it though. He probably also needs kudos amongst the white boys, which in this day and age means 'electedness', well President Wade was elected by 55.9% so at least that box is ticked. Crucially, he is no 'Islamist'. Have a look at his website. His own symbolic capital is important too. A political leader is better suited to the challenge than a UN technocrat. Political imaginations create options, technocrats try to fit the world into pre-existing options. And lets not forget that he is also an academician.


Anonymous said...

You refer to the "seccessionist" movement that is actually a liberation war and response to genocide, torture, ethnic cleansing and rape (none of which are sanctioned by Islam, even in punishment).

Tell me, how many countries of your beloved Ummah supported the Bengali Muslims in 1971 when they had nowhere else to go?

fugstar said...

You think I dont think 'shame on them'?

Mugabe thinks of his opposition much like pakistan thought of bangladesh forces. Its not a right way of thinking, yet it follows the practical logic of nationalism. This murderous strain of logic can be subverted by succesful mediation. That is my central point, but not to your BDcentric viewpoint.

Mugabe doesnt think of his opposition as 'liberatory', but the opposite. He is a freak, and has been made madder by the economic war that has been unleashed on his country by the allies Tsvangiari has appealed to.

After the AL election victory, the conservative/elder element of the awami league (Mushtaque) thought to declare government and appeal to friendly countries. This is a matter of record. The group that won out disagreed and pressed on with starting government in india and fighting it out.

They made their decision while the Bangladeshis at the time were getting their heads kicked in and worse. Two opposing logics that could have been mediated to produce a less bloody result. In our benefit.

You would not have directed such a great deal of bitterness towards me had the disgustingness been vastly less than it was. You would have less hurt to reflect on me.

There are other reasons why i think the 'Ummah didnt come and save us'. Other than it being lame and impotent. The Pakistani side dominated their ears, the bangladesh side wasnt after their ears and the indian alliance was made much earlier.

Im all for better mediation and mimangsha. Power to President Wade.