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Bangladesh could disappear entirely by end of century: NASA
Source: NewAgeBD, Mahtab Haider
23rd June 2008

The physicist suggesting it was James Hansen. The idea he was exploring is of fast feedback. And the news was out in July of last year.

The journalist Johann Hari published his Independent [London] article on it last Friday, including above factoid. The darling deshi merely read the article and imitated away. Its sad because NewAge's coverage during the last CoP[International Climate Change meeting) in Bali was worth following [gossip value, snooped on emails from within the delegation]. Its painful to witness these kinds of people scaring, confusing and pissing on Bangladesh, demonstrating 'freedom' no doubt.

Johann Hari is a nonce of the first degree, the imprint of his poisonous opportunist idiocy can be found in this telling paragraph,
This time, there will be no need for imaginary scapegoats. The people responsible are on every TV screen, revving up their engines. Will jihadism swell with the rising seas? Bangladesh's religion seems to be low-key and local. In the countryside, Muslims – who make up 95 per cent of the nation – still worship Hindu saints and mix in a few Buddhist ideas, too. In the Arab world, people bring up God in almost every sentence. In Bangladesh, nobody does.
Interesting huh? Good 'news' for some forces in Bangladesh i guess. He develops his climate jihad thing later on. Its interesting how Hari grinds his axes one by one in this article on Bangladesh, which he feels characteristically obliged to 'represent'. The Captive Minds, White Masked and Foolish of the east provide willing assistance. Do read the article and wonder at the symbolic violence being done. Then tell me that journalists are not the scum of the earth. Hari's axes are shared with the embarrassingly suicidal semi-intelligensia with whom he socialised on his all revealing visit. A visit to educate us all on how we are climatically killing Bangladesh [puke].

Get this. To adapt successfully to whatever is thrown at it, Bangladesh needs to discover and realise its mojo. The self servingl beggar twaddle attitude of the crimelords must, in the words of Bob, be

And permanently
And abandoned

Protection of deen is the first maqasid, so it is this which I will dwell on.
I think I have made the point about axemanship, apemanship and 'science' journalism in the UK and in Bangladesh. The comment that nobody in Bangladesh mentions Allah probably deserves some kind of [virtual] effigy burning in of itself, but really is an interesting social construction.

Several years ago I was shamed by an Indian Muslim lady who had visited Bangladesh in ramadhan for a conference on something cool to find nobody fasting and no arrangements for iftari. I was gobsmacked, and rationalised it through the usual secularist-intelligensia thing. It is true that when certain white characters are taken around a strange country by certain brown characters there is a process of snowballing self selection. Aaaagh, the 'staged' 'field' 'visit'. They really do serve eachother an unholy meal of half-truths, they gorge themselves... everything is for sale.

Observers are best advised not to touch them with a bargepole. If you are compelled to by circumstances, try to avoid believing everything they say. Desperate people say desperate things and waste your time.

The secularist poison has spread further than I had thought in the Millat of Bangladesh.
'Islamic workers' really need to reflect on this and figure out their own responsibility. The people at Pew do a lot of research on faith variables in global society. I think its time to get a whole lot more ummahtic about it. Starting from analysis of what goes on in the 'elite' english medium schools. I dont think peculiar materialist studies of 'Bengali identity vs Islamic identity' are useful for anything other than self promotion.

After spending time in desh, there is a 'posh' dhaka centricity to the disease, but its broader than that and trends amongst the youth are worrying. Parents are aware of it. Yet its not fair to say there is a dhaka centricity to it. A youth cricket coach described the character of the Batsman Ashraful to me once... "He's a good boy of dhaka, he prays."

But still, workers at 'prestigious' newspapers in Bangladesh are disciplined and controlled by the habitus at their employer's offices. 'Dont let them know that you went to the mosque.' Other 'prestigious' journalists reward young writers for expressing a faithlessness in their articles. Workers at the Daily Ondokar ensure that only 'secularism' is reproduced [They dont explicitly publish that]. A hijab crowned lady at a 'prestigious' NGO is hassled over her observances.

The deIslamisation of the bengali musalman was planned and hardwired. Haphazardness has also featured, as well as the idiocy of islamic workers. It is embedded in the education systems and the peculiar social memory loss engineered by the contemporary form of nationalism. Thankfully however, the fitra is inate, and cannot be alienated for long, despite poorly disguised hate campaigns.

One elderly and deeni rickshaw rider I spoke with, whose livelihood and survivability depends on his strength had tried fasting and riding, but collapsed. An Alim had since explained to him that the fast was not mandatory for him. The doctrine of durura, necessity, is well known in sharia, but this particular dispensation had never occured to me, silverspoon boy that I am.

But generally around jumma times, in the capital, there are a lot of riders who do not join in. Apparently there is no safe place to park their vehicle for the half an hour or so they need. Surely there is a quick social technique to fix that one? One that a mosque committee can institute as a nobrainer? or... maybe...

Back to Climate-Extremism
I was wondering when someone some scumbag would link the two tragic buzzwords of 'global society' together. My personal evil imagination was inclined in a different way.

In an appeal to the Tory and the Green, I propose Carbon offsetting Muslims. I will obtain funding from either green or blue establishments in the west, or maybe even use the Clean Development Mechanism. Here's the pitch,

Look around you, you cant have Muslims travelling the world and realising that something is fundamentally wrong with it. I mean, they might try to fix things. Let us render them spatially immobile. No passports for our immigrant stock, no visas or 'scholarships' for the one in the East. I propose you give me a million bucks per hundred muslims immobilised.

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