The changing of the guard took place
at a differential kind of pace...
through hostile takeovers of charity
and bizarre coalitions of opportunity.

I hope we keep the memory
of those who deserved authority
lest we become so buzzword spun
for then who's work is being done?

Our millat grows more crystalline
It takes a while for ribs from spine
I'm waiting for the nervous system
For synchrony with every piston

Ancestral ties, what a can of worms
makes me shrug and go quite taciturn
"They just got worse" is all i'll say
horizons narrow day by day

Tariq bin Ziad, he burnt his boats,
but we aren't on conquest you silly goats,
Some inbetweeny agnostic hope,
or crown is needed, not hangman's rope.

But what about those carried through errors?
we've theologised some rank blinking howlers.
who's man enough to call them out
improve, move on and banish all doubt?

Its clear who cant; rent-boys and the bayah'd,
The former are foul, the latter have soured.
The aloof and white-masked, were never real factors,
what qualities then define my imagined actors?

Tablighi networked and mannered will do,
An A-team-Suffragette-Royal Society stew.
this could be a stretched and elitist bright future
we might just end up wielding flagon and pitcher

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