MCB Mojo

In an open and kindly letter to the MCB, Yahya Birt conveys worrys about its design and performance. I hope the people who can make changes will read it and understand it...

Points include:
  • the election process doesn't allow much in the way of manifesto building and campaigning.
  • prominent affiliates are too politically partisan and that this reflects badly on the whole MCB as there is guilt by ideological association. (Bear in mind that the conservatives are due back in power and an alliance with the hard left has passed its sell by date.)
  • we need to frame a proactive narrative on terrorism.
  • the MCB Umbrella has less organisational mojo than some of its affiliates, so we need to unlock the floodgates of private funding.
To encourage more ideas and money to float around is definately the way to go. It's accepting the guilt by ideological association thing that confuses me and the primacy of the terrorism issue.

Guilt by ideological association is an unfair reality, but its an unfair reality I feel proud to stick two fingers up at. I killed no-one.

Who chooses the issues of out time anyway? Terrorism is a government priority and the government is trying to make it a priority for the muslim organisations by wasting their time and our money. It would be sad if too many folks got distracted from what their own priorities are. I dont think they will, because theres too many people with integrity. Its usually the deislamised, skin deep and secularised muslims (God dont make me one of them) who find themselves doing the governments bidding, we all know it.

That said, we should frame and improve our own narrative in the matter and draw from it when given the chance. The priority is the discovery of Our Mojo. Such violent crime and extreme behaviour exists because we lost our collective mojo. There are plenty of other symptoms of mojo loss.

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