Termites ate my spine

Termites have eaten important documents in a high profile corruption case against former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, lawyers say.

And Shaytan laughs at the poetry of it all. His mission to misguide humankind would seem to be doing rather well. Strangely, as 'Sheikha' flies 'off sick' to America, so many people are overjoyed.. and its hard not to feel overjoyed by proxy... because they are overjoyed and relieved of tension. I mean, pissed off, rather busting, Awami Leaguers are a severe public nuisance, guaranteed to blow your mind to get whatever they think their way is.

TERMITES..... after all that they turn around and say TERMITES have come to protect a defendant in a corruption case. I understand how hard it is to keep books and paper records in Bangladesh.... but TERMITES.

I remember when the Late Mrs Bhutto had a forensic style investigation done on her possessions, revealing cast iron data showing dodjyness. Mushybaby brushed it aside. Who really knows the real presence, nature, mechanics and dynamics of Sheikha's illegal behaviour.. but this TERMITE issue is terrific.

Why cant Bangladeshi society evolve past this stage? Why does it appear that this democratic punctuation wasn't the success that it should have been?

  1. No crystalline vision for the society.
  2. No community of kind thinkers and doers to craft, refine and translate such a vision.
  3. no genuine public sphere, just a superficial civil society that convinces nobody.
  4. Limited cognition of the voters and activists, who believe their leaders are of any essential benefit.
The four are nested in negative disastrous feedback loop.

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sasha said...

LOL... it hardly comes as a surprise