David Davis shows some mojo

After the Labour party bribed itself to increase the detention without charge period from 28 days to 42, cheapening the habeus corpus tradition and wounding the British civilisational psyche, one politician did something interesting. David Davis, who came second in the last Tory leadership contest, resigned as Shadow Home secretary and MP to trigger a by-election in a safe Tory seat. The ex-editor of The Scum seems to be putting himself forward to stand against him, regarding the British public as scaredy-cat morons who don't care whether its 42 or 420 days.

Empirical analysis of the cases of people held for the 28 day maximum doesn't suggest that more time is needed. Rather than putting some brains into the investigatory effort, The Man prefers to give them more time. A very sad state of affairs for the innocent people messed up by the rule change, if not the general population who still face the AQ type political violence hazard.

Critics have poured scorn on Davis. 'Vain, self indulgent stunt' blah blah blah they say. Labour may not even bother to field a candidate against him, bless their evil unprincipled socks. Still, its sweet when politics moves beyond the follow-thy-leader practice. That Queen Shami of Liberty worries that he may have made a bum move doesn't really bother me. For me, the act was both symbolic and real, it means a lot. conservatism, of the good stuff, certainly helps at times like these. The chap's actions have stuck a barb in Labour, and highlighted the issue of our time to the public conscience. Many polls still show Brits not being bothered too much, quantitatively speaking, about the 42 day thing. Practically, the House of Lords would probably have blocked it anyway.

Its just heart-warming to know that there was a politician for whom this democratically laced corruption was too much. Labour MPs were being whipped silly and bribed with all they could have(honours, Cuba etc) .... just to bolster Brown's illusion of control. Davis has earned some political currency, trust and kudos through this. An unjust government action should be resisted, however pathetically, just to prove that truth is not dead. I do not deify Davis Davis, but want to give him a big bro hug right now. Muslims would do well to flock to help his re-election campaign for Haltemprice and Howden as citizens... though that would probably guarantee he loses...

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