Another day, another prostitute, this time with medical training

"all you spooks should buy my book!"

"I went to uni and studied medicine in the late 80s, the bros there were rather dumb and now I'm an expert on suicide bombers."

mumbles.. something strange about secularism... and that "their daddy's didn't love them"... oo and of course yasmin alibhai brown classic "they all had scientific training"

"I have an extremism test for youngsters, come try it... lets put it into clinical testing whoopee."

another joker has landed, oilcome russel razzaque, I was wondering whether it was possible to be thicker than maajid  and ted husain.


some random bloke said...

ok, ok...

isn't it interesting that 'Majid' previously spelt his name with a single 'a', then it became 'Maajid', after his conversion to 'traditional islam' or 'islaam' as 'maajid' or majid would say.

Something mundane? No. According to my solid analysis (hahaha) the changing of his name is about a signifier of gained cultural capital, denoting to his authenticity as a 'traditional' type. After all he now knows Arabic and studied under a vast array of very holy folk (when in prison) Now repeat after me 'Masha'Allah'.

Just as wahabi websites emphasise the way words are pronounced in Arabic, because the knowledgable brothers know Arabic, similarly the new 'knoledgable' Majid has to cash in with his new gained capital, and must spell his name correctly as 'Maajid'. Studying scholastics, and seeing the light of plurasitic Andulsian yada yada, also means you are knowledgable in the ways of the 'ulama'.

In a recent talk he gave in Denmark he wrote everything in Arabic, as well as English, and often intervened to speak in Arabic with the Arabic speaking audience, even if the intervention was in Enlgish.

About this Andalusian stuff, did they ever bother to read how some Apostates and Christians were beheaded for blaspheming against Muslim sensibilities. Andalusian states were medievel kingdoms, were Christians and Jews lived as protected communities, but were second class citizens. Better then Christendom where you would be burnt alive for being a Jew or Muslim. But all this hocus pocus on the 'great Andalusian heritage' is becoming a tad annoying.

Signing out.

Forever a cynic,
Some random bloke

some randonm bloke said...

This Russel bloke is overstretching his crendetials a bit. I mean Mahbub gacve out some HT leaflets when he was a teenager, apparently he was a Omar Bakri/Fareed Qasem groupie (or part of the secret cell structure!!! Wow!). Maajid or Majid was a member of HT.

But what's Russel's (is that his name? or is it another gimmick to sell a book)selling point? I was, um, I hung around the ISOC of my Uni in 1989 and heard big bad bearded blokes saying not nice things about the 'dirty kufs'. Now hear my story!

some random bloke said...


Maajid is often filmed with a collation of Arabic books behind him. Mere chance?

some random bloke said...

Also 'Ed' is 'Sidi Ed'.Never forget that. He also follows the great CAMBRIDGE master TJ Winters.

Have you noticed that the Quilliam Foundation doesn't note where Ed got his first degree. In his book he says he went to the University of North London (which later merged with Guildhall to become London Met. Uni). But he doesn't note it on the Quilliam website, which only states that he went to SOAS for postgrad studies.

Mere chance?

fug said...

In their try hard approach to fabricating cultural capital they have missed the point, of integrity and dignity. Izzet we call it. nuff said really. Any relatively unschooled kind mind will recognise that.

One thing i cant express strongly enough is that there are some diamond people out there who remain diamonds despite their involvment of hoodwinked attachment to these messed up people.

This russel chap looks like some kind of awami leaguer spawn. He is trading his capital to the white establishment trying to figure out how to castrate the muslim spirit, not the beleiving one.

His 'objective testing of extremism' juxtaposed with his 'they mainly have scientific training' and his own human biology GNVQ give me particular amusement.

'conveyer belt theory' is such a convincing blackhole of an idea. i almost admire it.

dont knock london met, theres some good work going on there in plastic optial fibres.
Besides if sidi saab were an etonian-> oxford ppe -> corporate type, the ideal establishment reproduct, what would his pretend utility be to the puppeteers.

sidi ted has chosen to mimic whiter habits, accents, twwed jackets, turns of phrase and guffawing. maniac majid goes arab on us, interspersed with essex lad.

maybe they are jinns. must check for shadows.

There's someone coming up who is genuinely cool, dignified and faithful in his recognition of symbols. he is a novelist with soul. Should be a couple of months. I dont care if he doesnt get wide readership, or the melanie phillips kiss of death. so long as we the beleivers and the good hearted of our friends find it.. the job will have been a good one.

some random bloke said...

dont knock london met, theres some good work going on there in plastic optial fibres.

Absolutely. I wasn't knocking any of the new universities. They do an excellent job, especially considering their roles as urban univerities. I think all the red brick unis should be disfranchised from all the researh grants and funding they get, and then for the funds to be distributed equally across all public sector education institutions. It's only fair.

I was just saying that it seems really phony when Ed plays all middle class, in a superficial and crass way.