Maqasidi Financing

purpose: to mark wise investments in His path and help us discriminate against the dodjy, technocratic 'casting your fishing nets out before the sabbath' type behaviour. It misses the point.

Maqasid al shariah, the higher objective of The Way, is a theory derived from analysis of the scriptures that tries to understand the intentions of the Lawgiver. Protection and promotion of deen, life, intellect, dignity, lineage and property form its value core.

A lot of peeps take the halal to haram spectrum and leave it at that. Its an awful shame though.... almost secular?!? Maqasidi would imply that root public interests are addressed, not just permissibilities. Hopefully this would bring on Gross Ummahtic Dignification.

Financing, as in monetary enablement. Not just for dunya return, though thats not out of the question. Sticking your money where your beleif is, into that social institution, into initiatives, products and services that hit the spot.

So stick your sukuk where the sun doesn't shine and do something morally imaginative with your dosh you fat chumps!

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