Mr Moo and the silent majority

Mister moo does it again.

"...These silent Muslims are lucky to be given so much government support and regular media exposure. Other silent groups exist too, but clearly monks, mime artists and people who sulk need to lobby harder if they are to attract attention.
Back in the silent Muslim field, the scene had now changed a little. A government spokesperson had arrived and was throwing wads of cash at the Muslims, but the money was just bouncing off them and falling on the ground. Some bearded chap in a suit was silently going around gathering it up..."

If only all muslims would use their media tuppence to take the piss out of the man. I challenge a bro to pull Paxmans pants down (discursively), to make Andrew Neil cry and to make Jeremy Vine wet his own self laughing. Even the old days, when times weren't so grim Al Muhajirun and the lads would at least have an element of humour about them, one could never be sure if they were or were not taking themselves seriously.

It is quite easy to cause an awkward laughter, where the better mannered but sharp tools in the box are conflicted between dark humour and politically corrective contraception. But that belly laugh, which flattens the fields of lies that define the whole media enterprise... I am waiting for that.

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