Honumanutarian Bullsh!t

So international ... sorry white agencies are bitching about myanmar not letting them in to help the people.

so tens of thousands of people have passed on and many times more are having hard times... and all you can do is moan about not being given whiteboy angel treatment by a regime that your compatriots have spent a great deal of time villifying.

Disaster diplomacy my arse!

And brown sahibs are waxing characteristically stupidly about how democracy means that your people get releif and dont die, extrapolating some liberal commonsense from amartya sen and snorting on the angel dust of 'free' and 'open' society.

Aljazeera doesnt want to mention WHY the Myanmarese authorities dont trust western agencies know so much about their irrawardy delta. Maybe Aljazeera are too thick to realise this, after all they are. erm. doopi doopi doo. come on show some third worldist spine and convey the message. dont be scared of being labelled 'apologist for brutal regime'.

Malaysia sent in their peace corps MERCY, they'll know what to do.

Why dont Myanmar let more aid run in there from next door bangladesh? As a bengali muslim id like to beleive that the 'aid' is ours, but it isnt, its 'international aid lolly releif'. Its western political capital targetted at you when you are most hurt and in despair. We are drunk on that sh!t.

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