Ummahtic Update

Lots of developments, I don't know where to start.

RMW arranging a Shayk Habib Ali Jifri and Maulana Hasan Ali featured event on the life and dawa of Shah Jalal and his successors (us) @ the LMC?

Kuwaiti Amir plonking $100 million into a fund to help the developing countries with the prices through a Decent Living Fund?

King Abdullah 2 of Jordan's barnstorming speech at the WIEF? finger on the pulse or what ?!?

His wife, Queen Rania's contribution to the TIME 100 'influential' list, a feature on an Iraqi seamstress?

This guy
and the slightly coupled phenomena of spontaneous organisation of random stand-up open mike nights?

Mufti Mustafa Ceric of Sarejevo (generally) and his nuancing interpretation of ummahtul wassata, as an integrative community. An active idea, not a passive acted upon integrated bungle?

Or the young writer who's upcoming novel will blast away the cobwebs and crud with a hefty chunk of deeni spirit?

The outpouring of unconditional solidarity from individual briton's, and asians, and others to the afflicted in myanmar?

The good achievements of the Late Tan Sri Nasimuddin Amin, an interesting Malaysian Industrialist?

Hearing that there are 1 million Muslims in Cambodia!

As imran jk would put it, Thank Allah it's Jumma

oo and one final gem. Somebody made the observation that Hizbut Tahrir and the so-called Quilliam Foundation are two sides of the same reversible jacket. Wheras HT thinks that making the Shariah use the state is the mission, the Quilliams take the opposite view, of letting the british government define Shariah and do whatever the hell they like to it.

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sasha said...

Seems true in the case of Quilliam, and also the British media, where recent articles have been published with sentences defining "acceptable terms in the ummah". The very latest development in the ummah :-)