Is this really how it [agricultural technological discovery] has to be?

My favourite caretaker advisor, CS Karim (agriculture + water resources) has fixed up something significant in the path of developing deshi agritechno mojo.
according to the daily ondokar, the World Bank are putting up 438 crore, IFAD 135 crore and the govt a piddly 48 crore. LESS THAN 10%!!!! very participatory indeed. bleurgh.
Akhtar Hameed Khan regretted the large amount of foreign finance behind the comilla project. I only hope that people of his stature and disciplinary blending continue to exist in that vital sector.... CS karim doing anything represents a good dollop of scientific capital... so maybe he'll stick around.
I really would like to be in a fly on the wall of a room where he and hussain zillur rahman just jam together. They are two interesting advisors who in default moronarchic conditions would have less right to be heard. There is a dark side to the present setup, but these folks, along with a lot of others are the silver lining.
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The goal is to improve agricultural research and extention for food security. and the onus is on researchers to come up with the goods. power duas for that.
Only where does farmer end and researcher begin these days? What is it that makes farmer joynal abedin more daring and creative with his organising forces? How does one go about raising the social status of agri production diversity? and what is it that causes a good practice to be recognised, actively internalised and refined further?
Remember that extremely resourceful kid at school? the one who would play about with whatever it was and come out with the goods, again and again and again. The human Nuron antenna. For example the chap who came up with the idea of mounting a shallow diesel engine on a bunch of wheels to give us the Boot-bootie, possibly the craziest public transporter of people known to man. I hear he was from somewhere near Bogra.
Maybe there are people out there, not necessarily particularly poor, who need encouragement and seed dosh and other kinds of support thrown at them. wind blown into their sails. Not too much to blow them off course and promote them to incompetance. enough so they recognise their own value and can explore it. The World Bank blows a foul smelling wind. All i need to imagine is their staff's credentials and social identities to cry into my dal at why they are repeatedly given such power by the brown man.

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