Signs that a Muslim Guy wants to get M@$$!£d and cultural J

i found this video quite amusing. I hope you do too.

Maniac Muslim sometimes approaches the levels of Imran jk (creator of "Thank Allah it's Jumma" and "Who wants to be an MSA President?") in the field of Cultural J through internet multimedia and similar jive. They both have very different personalities and it comes through in their product. I think JK cares less for preaching at his audience and has developed more subtletly and grace. The maniac is new to film and developed from an amusing set of articles embedded in that rather inbred of environments, the muslim students organisation. Check his website for genius ideas like the online nikah. The JK is more of a standup/ muso type and his general demeanour reminds me of an old friend of mine.

Both come from north america, sorry Occupied north america and i love their product much more than Ummahfilms, who is even more preachy than who I think does violence to the word Ummah. I have dreamed out loud about the Islamic Car in the past but we must develop some taste and stop messing with sacred terms as marketting fodder.

there is a great deal of product out there, and people peddle it. the best stuff doesnt need government money to enable it, or large production values. The UK Millat is less productive, it would seem, than those in Canadia and the US. Whether is it charismatic black and brown and white speakers or homogenous MSA variants of cultural J or the Taqwacore, i reckon we have received more than we have given.

What we Muslim 'BrAsians' seem to produce, and reproduce, is a taste for the mediocre. The folks in amreeka are also guilty in parts but my problem is here. Nurturing is most important of course. But I want to rant about the Wrong Reception, and the power of 'da people' to mess up the field of cultural production with their deculturalised silliness.

We the migrated millats are like the creatures of Hazrat Nuhs (pbuh) boat, from all over the place. We are kinda amorphous at the moment but becoming more crystaline with time. Care must be taken to avoid simplistic castration of creative performance and expression by opting for a monocrystalline structure ahead of a polycrystalline set up. This goes to the beloved TJs and Salafis who all have an idea of the superman, and the adorable Ikhwanis and Jamatis who have there own blueprints for the ideal islamic worker in the modern age. (Pfft!)

If fame and recognition can make people drunk and dumb. Fame in closed environments, away from a good old kick in the shins, leads to people getting drunk and blinded on ribena. Its important not to succumb to flattery and people who are manipulators. Im talking fi-sabilil-quality-product here. It can warp our minds and rob our dignity. Recently I met somebody operating in efnic media who had created a facebook group for their 'friends'. Hello?!?!? All I can plead is that we make ourselves resistent to the smoke blown up our arses and refrain from blowing smoke up the arses of others.

Fans must learn to accord their fanaticism sparingly and with the best discretion and discernment. If this fails, and say for example a bunch of hijabis who know nothing and are stupid come to define what is 'cool', all is lost and we must slash our wrists.

Discernment in the millat.

"Nasheeds are crap. well at least the english ones. they are just nursury rhymes, you used to listen to hip hop then got 'practicing' didnt you?"

"No bro, that guy just talked ring. you didnt understand what he was saying and why, but it just sounded good to you.... no please don't invite him again next year.. puurlease"

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