Things that make otherwise less irrational people go nuts.

Sometimes its arabs, or its jews, maybe its kurds, it has been Bengalis, other times its shias, Sunnis or migrant workers. You know, that madness you invoke on mentioning a a demon group to a random 'angel'.

With Bangladeshis of a certain political programming it is Jamaat Islami. The programmers achieved a lot with this particular module, very clever of them because their carrier agents do not even recognise the source code. Raising such an issue generates the coded response 'Genocide Denier'. It is not just about the actions of the participants during a national disintegration and reformation process, and no, it is not about justice. It could never be so temperate. It is a mandatory part of the national mythology, without which the corrupt fools couldn't rule.

I do wish this malady would just go away and stop jacking up the people in the stepfatherland. But its got currency and is still used to guilt trip good people into being materialise arses.

I hear that some shia practices have the cursing of certain figures in early islamic history down to a 'T'. A similar culture exists with those Bangladeshis to whom certain figures in jamat are the Representatives of shaytan ar rajeem. It is the (counter) religious certainty, the yakeen, that is most disturbing, from people who were not even part of the action scenario and who have only come to know echoes... and echoes from a dodjy isnad. It is Jionijom.

The purpose of the 'Jamati Cursing Culture', is to dehumanise Muslims with a bit of Islam about them. Understand this much and the self-serving narratives spun around Bangladeshi liberation unravel. Of course its a bit much to expect already indoctrinated to change their ideological investment portfolios at the moment, but its important that buyers know whats inside before purchasing in any case. It doubly important that people build their societies of firm ground, where the cost of a large foundational lie will not cause their world to implode. It is triply important that people identify the values of these Jionists throught the behaviour of Jionijom and reject it.

There is no need to buy. It is not necessary to purchase. Your money and belief can be invested in alternative ways. THAT PORTFOLIO CONTAINS POISON DESIGNED AND INTENDED FOR SOMEONE ELSE, DROP THE CASE, WASH YOUR HANDS AND COME BACK TO THE CAR DEAR.

This is not necessarily the view of a non aligned islamic forces type. I observe it is the basis of a wider consensus, but not a particularly confident one. Such a consensus is easier to share outside, as the malevolence and poison of the portfolios in the market are clearer.

The Awami partisans, the team that built the Temple of Zion like to claim a monopoly on suffering and pain. Apparently they own it, this understanding is only due to their general shamelessness, and their is no need to ape it. They have capitalised on this well, taking advantage of bad numeracy, sentiment and drama. But, it's really quite ugly down there inside the political vernacular. Far away from the slightly more polite international PR, humiliation, loss, misguidance and bitterness intertwine to create other social shrapnel. 2 example groups are the children of the rape and the eastward mohajers (the biharis).

"an entire generation of war bastards, children of pakistani rape, are effing up our country."

"Collaborator Biharis, no we didnt abuse them or treat them like animals during our glorious struggle, whatever they got , they deserved.... oooh look i moved into one of their houses, what tasteful furniture.. hmmm lucky me... if only i had acquired their industry."

As well as social groups, religious, intellectual and emotional maturity is prevented, and important parts of policy space are affected. That is another post, possibly called The Practical Consequence of National Secularisation and Lying.


Anonymous said...

It's not about demonising Islam loving people, you fool. It's about raising awareness about thsoe who glorify rape and murder, and who are generally the most unislamic out of the lot of them. And you in blindly supporting them fall into the same pathetic category. Islamists are also calling for Jamaat war criminals to be tried (http://bdnews24.com/log.php?pname=details&id=53621&cid=3).

Learn to separate the broader political agenda from the odious individuals, and stop worshipping demons, you idiot.

fug said...

I think the two are inextricably linked. The nirmul committee to the secularising agenda. Case in point Shahriar Kabir.

You lower your own selfby equating any stance you think i have, with the glorification of rape and murder and shirk.... the worship in individual people.

But then i think thats part of your own political agenda born out of the propaganda you are habituated to. Keep your poison to yourself and precise legal action and free others from this emotional game.