Kaki King (again)

Makes a guitar do things you wouldn't imagine. Tours through interesting places, including Istanbul. Makes use of more electronic gadgetry than you will find on most modern aircraft. Really plays with a guitar in the childlike wonder sense of the term. Doesn't like to sing very much. Joins the Foo Fighters on stage occasionally. Audience has included Jimmy Page. Not ashamed to bust out a cover of Justin Timberlake or Neil Morrisey when the opportunity presents itself. Methinks Elrond and the elves of Rivendell would be proud of what she does as would folks in the 22nd century. Accompanied live by some other talented chap with a blowy synthesiser the noises that arise are positively otherworldly. Releasing a new album 'Dreaming of Revenge' on 30th June (UK). Yes this is post-rock.

check this.

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