"Muslim women can be superficial too"

said Shatranj, coining a genre for a very sad disappointing set of fodder material that consitutes fabricated female empoweredness.

Its like the late, old school awami leaguer of Sirajganj told me about what westerners mean when to slip democracy into your milk. He had figured this out over time.'Eyte, democracy nau, shundor shundor meyer shathe ghumau.'

Whether you are a stupid film producer, or a desi media outfit, scraping the bottom of the barrel for content to flog to your imagined demographic, you really should know that what you do is wrong. You should let that kind of material sink to the bottom of the pond. By amplifying it you may be encouraging others to think that that kind of expression is indeed on the path of cultural J.


sasha said...

This link says it all - http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/listings/programme.shtml?day=thursday&service_id=4224&filename=20080529/20080529_1930_4224_28615_30

asikha said...

Next week's episode has Kia on it talking about, ooh dare I say it...Sex.

If this programme is trying to show, 'oh look us Muslims women are on par with you westerners', its says a lot about the western way of things - everything is about shopping and waxing. It's such a pathetic attempt. Saying that, I will prolly carry on watching it...