This here Giraffe

I dont write about headlining stuff, so i'll talk in code. One of the most socially advanced towns in the south west is undergoing trial and investigation at the moment, one that I hope and pray that the participants perform well in. And then in the most ummahtic restaurant one can imagine, where the entire world is represented...
No doubt the partial glaring eyes will be upon all of those thought to have played a role in a young, simple, white revert's adoption of Islam and how the idea of causing such public harm came so close to being actualised. The usual suspects will score political capital, because thats all these events mean to them, they dont actually care. Better people will try to understand what happened and make the required corrections
  • Did some f@ckwit manipulate this fellow?
  • Will idiots ever stop 'doing' 'dawah'?
  • Why is this stuff still happening?
  • Why do peopls still make money misleading government over this stuff?
  • Where are the people without axes to grind?
  • Was it just some random madness caught from the internet?
  • Was it just one of those random increasing probability events?
  • Why did he travel to a different town?
  • What happened to him in his own one?
  • Who is going to get the sharp end of the blamestorm, especially now that it has been established that he is not a person of discernment?
  • Who is responsible for this kind of thing?
  • What will be the ramifications on the revert community?
  • How is the established millat failing them, which section's aloofness and selfishness enables this?
  • If we are all responsible, what are we supposed to do?
  • Are a bunch of parochial stupid old men going to be publically humiliated for something they knew nothing about?
  • Are a group of open, more intelligent young men going to be targetted for something they knew nothing about?
  • Are the chav/racists from the town of the fellows origin going to run amock?
  • Will the madani people of the affected madina show us how its done?

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