Oh my Golden Rebel

Oh my Golden Rebel
you pointless twisted brat
how long will you keep walking?
now that the nation's flat.

You think you have a right to lead
because your clique is strong,
you bleed the landscape of delight
and ooze a deadly pong.

Your symbols are decripid
built on sentiments supine,
neither musalman nor hindustan
characterise your mind.

When will you stop your moaning
and vanish from the land?
We hate your face, we hate your race
we wish you were a man.

Can you not find a corner
in which to go and rot?
repent and leave forever
with all that you begot.

You venerate the rebel
romanticise the land
Pretend that you are cultured
causing discord with your hand

Intoxicate the students
Distract the pious men
Divide elites by factions
Empower wrong women

Well done you Golden Rebel
I think you have done well
please die and sink into the sand
and burn and toast in Hell.


Anonymous said...

I should commend you on your poetic prowess. You have proved the evil Brahmin Tagore and the dirty kafir Nazrul to be inferior inheritors to the Bengali laureate crown, and you, janaab, should be crowned the greatest writer in the history of ournation.

One comment, you assume rather blasphemous arrogance when you ask your subject to "burn and toast in Hell". That is not for you to even think about - the One who has a little more authority than you will influence that.

fugstar said...

i'm loving your blasphemous assumption. the removal and punishment of tyranical elements is permissable to imagine. or have you some christianised namby pamby view of things?